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This guide, its pictures and written content is not to be reposted anywhere else or sold on cd's at ebay without the prior permission from myself and the admin of this site. Alright I saw that someone in another thread said they haven't seen a guide for this, at least not one that is easy to find, so i decided to make a guide on how to make one. Let me know if you guys like it, yeah? First the materials I use. Any of these can be substitued if you wish. I just dont have some of the proper tools myself. Ok you will need: Coat Hanger (Metal) Bench Grinder or Dremmel Needle Nose Pliars Ruler Pole of some sort that is roughly 1 inch in diameter Sand Paper (needed for success!) Image Alright, first thing that you have to do is cut off the top of the hanger and keep only the part that has two bends. Now bend these two bends straight. Image (Very not needed photo!) Now this is when i get the hammer and flatten the tip about 1-1/2 to 2 inches. Make sure that aftyer the flattening make a gradual ramp to the normal unflattened size of the hanger. this will make it stronger. Image Make sure it is slim enough to fit loosly in a key way. Compare it to a key if you have to. Now get your grinder and grind it down so that it is straight on both sides so it lookes like a really long small wedge. Grind it down so that it is the same width of the hanger. If you want it to open small padlocks, make it smaller then the width, but for 5 pin tumbler deadbolts and what not, it is a nice size. Now sand it so that it is extremly smooth. Round the tip on the grinder too to make it easier to get into the lock. Here is a pics of it flattened and smoothed out. ImageImage Now at this point i like to sand the entire hanger to make it smooth, because later it will be impossible to sand. Now from the flatten tip measure out 6 inches and after the 6 inches bend the hanger at a 90 degree angle. This is where the spring is going to go. Image Now bend it around the pole one time. ImageImage Now on the other long piece not the flattened tip, bend it to the right or left, depending on how you bent the spring, then up to go back and touch the flattened head part. To rephrase that look down at your pick from a birds eye view looking at the top of the flattened head. look at the spring and if it is coils to the left, then you bend it right. If it coils to the right, you bend it left. Look at the pictures, maybe that will help. ImageImageImage Once youy have done that pull down the flattened head so that if the other part was bent of it it will give it some tension. bend it over it to hold the flattened part down a little bit. Image now bend it down the meet the part that was the whole right left or left right part. put it on the other side of the bar so that it is locked and the flattened head cannot leave the box that you just made. Image Now cut it so that about a cm is sticking out and bend it so that it is locked closed. Image Now it is complete! now how to hold it and use it properly. Thi9 is how it should be held with your ring finger through the spring hole, and your thumb on top to push down the bar. Image This is what it will look like in a door (minus the tension wrench, I cant do that and take a picture!) If you are curious, that is a Schlage Dexter lock. Image The way it works is that when it is flicked, the flat head stays in place till the bar comes back down and hit it, which makes it flick hard against the pins. I guess i will make a video. I can't use a tension wrench, because of the whole part about how i cant do both at the same time, but trust me it works. I wouldn't go through all this trouble of making this guide if it didn't. :lol: Note - This is hard to do all alone, and film at the same time. Click here to watch Hanger-Snap-PIck <-----This is the video! Click it!! Just add a tension wrench, and put slight tension on it while snapping. After about 10 snaps, reset the pins and try again maybe with a little more tension, or bouncing the tension. Alright, hope this helps someone.
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